If you have a PSRA membership and finish 1st in the race you will receive the member payout, if you do not have PSRA membership you will receive non-member payout. If the 2nd place car has a membership they will get the payout for the membership 2nd place finish. So.. The 2nd place car could actually win more money than the winner if the winner does not have a membership. If you are not a Member and you enter an Event.. You will pay a $35 entry fee for that event but that does not qualify you for PSRA Membership payout.

We will have 2 Provisional Spots for A Feature Events. If the visiting Track Points Leader has not qualified for the A Feature event, they will get the first Provisional Spot if they are racing in the event. The 2nd Provisional Spot will be a Lucky Dog draw from the Non-Qualifiers. In the event that the Track Champion qualified or is not racing then both Provisionals will be Lucky Dog draws from the Non-Qualifiers.

Payout is based on AT LEAST a 22 car entry into the A Feature race. We want to make this one of the best full body low cost dirt track classes around.


Payout is based on AT LEAST a 22 car entry into the A Feature race. We DO NOT CUT THE PAY! There are several contingency spots that will only increase pay spots.

 UPDATED FEBRUARY 4, 2014-- Chose the Option that best fits your schedule and your budget!


  1. Be a PSRA Member by March 1, 2014 which entitles you to the great payout out as offered to each event as a Member, be eligible for the contingency prizes at each event made possible by many of our sponsor’s because you are a member you received the decal packets, be eligible for the Point Fund (which currently is already growing by a % of all membership fees received) plus all the other benefits PSRA has to offer at the Driver’s Award Banquet at the end of the season. When entering into a PSRA event you would only pay the track pit pass and nothing to PSRA.

  2. You can pay a $35 Entry Fee to PSRA at each event as a Non-Member and be racing for the Non-Member payout as shown on our website and no other benefits. Plus you would have a pit pass to pay to the track.

  3. Since only you know your schedule… we will also offer a Per Event “Temporary” Membership of $50 and that would entitle you to the great payout only. No Point Fund, No Contingency Prizes, No Awards Banquet benefits--no benefit other than a chance to race for the big money. You would have to pay the $50 “One Time Event” license each time you entered a PSRA event plus a pit pass to the track if you are not a paid member by March 1. 2014.





Many Tracks and Racing Series are adopting the Social Media Policy for 2014. After reviewing some of them out there, we have decided to do the same. PSRA Social Medial Policy will be as follows:


Any driver, pit crew, car owner, fan or family member making negative or bad comments on Social Media outlets about PSRA, Tracks that PSRA holds events at or the staff of either COULD be barred from PSRA events. If you have to think if it will come off as a negative comment or bad comment then don’t post it.


I am available via phone, email or in person if you have a concern bring it to me directly.




Jeff Ratliff


PSRA Promoter





We plan on doing tech a little different than any track around. We will have a designated tech area at which ever track we are visiting. We don’t want to tie up the tracks official tech area with our tech.

All cars that take the checker flag on the A Feature MUST pull to the Associations Official Tech area. The Top 5 cars (possibly more if Association decides) will be tech by Official Techs with the Top 5 driver‘s present. If you have nothing to hide, you won’t mind.

If any car/driver refuses to be teched they are automatically DQ’d with no points no pay. If one car is found to be illegal, then the next car will be checked until it has been confirmed to be COMPLETELY LEGAL. However, if the winner is found to be illegal and is disqualified the pay for the winning spot will be put into the point fund and that applies to any position that is disqualified for being illegal. EXAMPLE: Car 1 wins the race and is found to be illegal so Car 2 is legal and is deemed the actual winner of the race event, however Car 1 winnings goes into the Point Fund and Car 2 will get paid for 2nd position but will get the trophy for winning. Car 3 is found to be illegal but Car 4 is legal. Car 3 pay will go into the point fund and Car 4 is now 3rd place winner. This will spread out the disqualified winnings to ALL DRIVER’s that qualify for the Points Fund at the end of our season.

In the event of a tear down, we will supply the replacements gaskets to you IF you are found to be legal.

If you are found to be illegal there are no free passes. The Tech’s will review their tech inspections with PSRA Promoter prior to informing driver, however, Tech has final call when it comes to tech!

Any car that wins 4 A Features ( does not have to be consecutive) will be required to remove a head for inspection. Which head is removed is at the Association’s discretion.


ATTENTION.. Amended January 25, 2014

After long consideration and hearing from the Drivers we are changing a General Rule.. please take note of this and put it in your rule book: Our original rule was if a car is DQ'd (found to be illegal) that all that place finish would go into the point fund.




If the winner of the race is found to be illegal and 2nd place car is legal, 2nd place car will be deemed the Official Winner of the race and will win the A Feature Trophy and prize money. If 3rd place is legal they will win 3rd place pay and 2nd place points. Whatever spot outside of the Winning Spot is DQ’d goes into the PSRA Point Fund for the end of the year Awards Banquet.







Our Goal is to provide door to door racing for the Tracks and their fans that we are visiting. We want to bring excitement to the dirt track racing. After each event we will hold a meeting with the Track Owner and give them the drivers feed back. All drivers that are members of the association are encouraged to give us feed back to give to the tracks. We will have forms for you to fill out to help with this.

We want good clean racing. If we see grudging taking place we have the option during the tracks intermission time to put those cars out on the track for a grudge race as we want to keep the fans and crowds loving racing. 

Rules are Rules and we have no tolerance for breaking rules. If you have a question please come to the Association and speak with us in a professional manner. If you are the driver of the car you are the one that needs to speak up.

We will be under the tracks insurance that we visit at so you will be asked to sign a waiver with the Association not holding them liable for any accidents or injuries.


If you do not have a W9 on file you will not get paid until it has been filled out and verified that the information is correct. If you earn more than $600 with the Association you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year for your tax purposes.

We will also have parts available at the Association area for drivers to purchase. If you do not have the funds on you, we will take it out of your pay. You or the car owner’s driver’s license will be held until the end of the night.



Must be a member to receive member payout before the race starts (can‘t do it after the race), but do not have to be a member to race, that is your decision. If you are not a member there is a $35 entry fee per event, payable to the Association.

Membership fee is $100 per car/driver for the year.

You must have a valid W9 on file.

You must race have a 2014 PSRA Membership License to qualify for the points fund.

If you have unpaid fines at the end of the 2014 PSRA Season, you will be disqualified from the points fund.

The point fund will be figured as follows:The point fund will be figured as follows:You must run 75% of the scheduled races to be eligible for the point fund.We will do the Points Fund Payout based on a declining percentage. Champion gets a higher percentage not to exceed 20% of the Point Fund monies. The last place will not be less than 5% of the remaining balance from the higher finishers in points.


We will supply Trophies at each scheduled event. The schedule is subject to change for many reasons. (rainouts, cancellations, rescheduling)

The banquet will be planned close to the end of the racing season and tickets will be sold for the banquet. At the banquet we will have trophies, jackets/hoodies and point fund money to present. DRIVERS WITH PSRA MEMBERSHIP WILL NOT PAY TO ATTEND BANQUET!




We will notify all driver’s as soon as we know of inclement weather to the visiting track. In the event of a rain out BEFORE heats are ran, we will ask the track to reimburse for Driver Pit pass only you IF this is not your HOME TRACK. Reimbursement will be for Pit pass ONLY! We will then reschedule a make up race with the track. Please provide PSRA with a valid cell phone # or email address.











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Total votes: 91
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